Checking that the windscreen wipers were still there

Checking that the windscreen wipers were still there

Activity Making a bus from a cardboard box
Source of Idea This morning Oscar insisted that we made a bus. I tried to tantalise him with the ideas of things I wanted to make, but he was certain that it should be a bus.
Raw materials Cardboard boxes, paint, paintbrush, paper plates, scissors, glue and sticky tape.
Set up effort It took me about 15 mins to take apart the two smallish cardboard boxes and stick them together to make one big enough for Oscar to sit in. However, Oscar did “help” me a lot by telling me what to do, holding the sticky tape for me, and also sticking it in random places.
How long they were kept busy Painting took about 40 minutes. First we painted the bus red. Then we painted four small paper plates for wheels and one big paper plate for the steering wheel. At this point we left the bus to dry while Oscar had a snack.A little while later we spent another 20 minutes painting and gluing. We painted headlights, windows and a windscreen. Oscar also requested windscreen wipers and passengers. Then Oscar glued the wheels and steering wheel on. We left it to dry for the rest of the afternoon. I think a little too much glue was applied, so this part took quite a while.Finally, Oscar got to sit in it and have a little play before dinner. The next day I thought I might cut out a hole for his legs to poke through the bottom, but Oscar decided Puff (his toy dragon) was going to take some of his other toys out for a ride. It’s been three days now since we made the bus and he’s still using it to sit in when he wants to sing “The Wheels on the Bus” and to drive his toys to the cinema.
Enjoyment level Oscar had fun sticking the boxes together. I think the idea that we were making something together was very exciting for him. He concentrated on the painting very hard, but got sad at one point that he’d painted one of the wheels “wrong”. I think it hadn’t turned out quite how he’d expected. He wanted to play with it straight away, but we had to wait quite a while for the glue to dry (we probably should have just used sticky tape). However, I think this built up his anticipation as when he finally played in it he was very excited and proud of what we’d made.
Tidying up We painted and glued outside, so not too much mess, just cleaning the paint pots, paint brushes and hands.
Would we do it again? We may not make another bus, but as I said in the castle post, we’ll definitely be making more cardboard box creations.
Painting the box red

Painting the box red

Puff taking the guys for a ride

Puff taking the guys for a ride

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